Wednesday, October 05, 2005


ASPA in support of Salient

The Aotearoa Student Press Association have come out in support of Salient - an unsurprising move, since the ASPA President is Holly Walker, editor of Critic in Otago and one of the first publishers of the gagged story.
It's been interesting to follow the media treatment of this - initially the story revolved around the injunction, but has since widened to fee setting and the use of TEC exemptions. Nobody seems to have noticed that Massey are intending to do the same thing, although they have also put their hand up in the media today to join the party.
The full hearing is at 10am tomorrow in the High Court - get along to it and support freedom of the media if you get a chance!

Victory for Salient! Just heard on the 6pm news that Vic Uni are not going any further with legal action and that copies of Salient were being madly distributed all around

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