Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Not for me, thanks..

Just out - Marian Hobbs, George Hawkins and Paul Swain will not be seeking Cabinet posts this term. While Paul Swain wants to spend more time with his family, Marian has hit it on the head, stepping aside to allow fresh ideas and faces through. There has been much talk about succession in both Labour and National, and a recognition that new blood was needed in the former.
Hawkins was one of the ones I picked as dead wood, and I'm glad he's going. Marian, despite a few slips has been an effective Minister but I think enjoys her constituency duties more. Swain has always been considered a safe pair of hands so it will be interesting to see who takes his place.
My picks (laced with eternal optimism) - the return of Lianne Dalziel, maybe something for Tim Barnett, Darren Hughes, and David Benson-Pope.

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