Monday, October 03, 2005


Salient gagged over fee setting

Victoria University obtained an injunction on Friday to prevent Salient publishing details of domestic fee setting for 2006. The injunction was carried over until Thursday by Justice Ron Young in the High Court, scraping the final publishing deadline of the last Salient of the year.
Why an injunction? Because Victoria intend to ask the Tertiary Education Commission for an exemption, following the recent move of Massey and the habits of Otago. With permission, they could lift domestic fees by up to ten percent.
It's a pity Victoria forgot about syndication. While both sides spend thousands of dollars on lawyers and filing fees, bloggers and syndicated student newspapers like Critic are happily publishing what Salient cannot.
And so am I - check out Critic's story here. The dissemination of information via the net and blogosphere is even quicker when it is being dragged through the courts..
By seeking an injunction, VUW are drawing far more attention to the issue than a day's worth of lecture speaking. Domestic fee setting is always in the public forum, but this time VUW sought to keep secret, for as long as possibly, their desire to squeeze more money out of students through the TEC back door. Thursday will be interesting indeed.
In other, more irritating news, child protection agencies in New South Wales are encouraging same-sex couples to be foster parents - despite being unable to formerly adopt children in their own right. It was acknowledged by the agencies that there were a shortage of foster parents, and same-sex couples provided a stable environment for troubled children.
Double standards, anyone?

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