Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Tackling the big issues

It's good to see the Nats keeping it in perspective. Tens of thousands of people have died in Pakistan, we have yet to form a government, global warming is reaching crisis point, and oil is due to run out. Those issues must have just been too mainstream however, because Eric Roy has gone for the jungular.
He's looking after our moose.
I have to admit, I didn't know we had moose. (Mooseses? Moosi? Meece?) Apparently they live in Fiordland and are in danger of being culled by DOC. If DOC can find them anyway - Mr Roy is relying on DNA evidence to support the existence of the moose, which were released in the Fiords in 1910. He wants to get them an exemption under the National Parks Act.
So, just to recap - the new Member for Invercargill has committed to protecting moose that no-one has seen from a cull that no-one has mentioned. To back up his new conservation drive, he uses the example of his friend in Wyoming:
A friend of mine in Wyoming knows there are moose on his property, because he finds their antlers quite often. Yet he has never seen one. They are very shy animals. Therefore, if DoC wanted to go into Fiordland to exterminate our local moose, the cost in man hours and resources such as helicopters to find an animal that actively avoids humans would far exceed the resources needed to sign an exemption under the Act,” he said.
I'm sure if the bulk of New Zealanders knew we had moose, they would probably agree with Mr Roy. Problem is, most 0f them don't. Pity there could be no DOC-instigated cull of conservaties tories - I'm sure that would garner much more support than our local moose population.
I wonder if they would be any good as pets? The moose, not the tories.
Meanwhile, on a larger scale, the union movement in NZ are breathing a sigh of relief - they don't have to deal with Howard's new employment legislation. The part that surprised me the most was the exemption of businesses of under a hundred employees from the rules of unjustified dismissal regulations. Job security just went out the window for most businesses in Australia, which usually affects productivity in the workplace. Small businesses can now sack their employees at will, and in many cases employees will have to negotiate many terms of their employment that used to be taken for granted, such as annual leave and bonuses/penal rates.
Rather them than us...

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