Monday, November 07, 2005


*waves goodbye*

It's official: after a period of stagnation I'm shutting up shop. the quality and frequency of my blogging has got to the stage where I now choose not to inflict myself on others.

Time for new challenges: A new job - my first as a solicitor - starts in a couple of days and I don't expect anything to be easy. Kayaking the manawatu gorge, and the Abel Tasman. Still learning to rollerblade. Giving enough time to my beautiful girlfriend, and moving in with her in February.

Lots to do, and some things have to go. But I'm not disappearing entirely - I will make occasional appearances on the VUWSA Has-Beens bench, the new blog by interfering old bats that can be found at

I've got as much to say as always, just limited time (and opportunity, without a computer at home) to say it. If you're looking for me, I can always be found on a number of email addresses, or at Sonja Cooper Law on the Terrace just above Liquidate.

Come visit, and buy me a coffee;)


shame, but i hope to see you on the Hasbeens Bench soon :-)
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